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Dr Rachna Sharma


You are all welcome to the college portal. Dear students, I wish you to be fully engaged in the education linked goals .Recognize your hidden talent and tread the path which is best suitable to your potential. The moment you step out of the threshold of your house; you enter a vast world outside. The aim of every student should be to go beyond academics. Join Sports/Cultural activities so that you emerge as a well-integrated individual and prove real asset to the society. It is your behaviour that makes you loveable or detestable. Desist from doing anything which earns bad name to your college, your parents, and obviously to yourself. Attend your classes regularly. Be voracious readers and visit college library in your vacant periods. You should be eco-friendly. Avoid littering waste papers and polythene bags etc. in the college-campus. The college has assigned the duty of mentoring to its staff members, to create a friendly and conducive environment for the students as well as to guide the students regarding their career options. So prepare yourself well for the life beyond the portals of this college. I, once again, wish you a successful future.